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Who Killed Walter Benjamin.

Who Killed Walter Benjamin
Documentary by David Mauas.
Just unzip the first archive (type: 001). You might need to install 7 zip (open source file archiver).


Link (german).

You might wanna check this one out:

Intellektuelle Film und Popmusikkritik
Frankfurter Schule, HitchcockoHawksianer, Camp, PopTheorie

Thomas Hecken


Another bunch of textz (engl./german)

Thanx to the guy who sent me this – you rule!

Zip-File contains:

* Ackbar Abbas – On Fascination: Walter Benjamin’s Images
* R.G. Davis – Benjamin, Storytelling Brecht in the USA
* Kritische Theorie und Kino. Benjamin und Adorno ueber Kunst und Kulturindustrie
* Ference Feher – Lukács and Benjamin: Parallels and Contrasts
* Michael Lowy – Walter Benjamin and Marxism: Cover Story
* Thomas Y. Levin – Walter Benjamin and the Theory of Art History
* Weder Ackerbau noch Heilsgeschichte.
* Bernd Witte – Benjamin and Lukács. Historical Notes on the Relationship…
* Margaret Cohen – Walter Benjamin’s Phantasmagoria
* Ronald Beiner – Walter Benjamin’s Philosophy of History
* David S. Ferris – Introduction: Reading Benjamin
* Christian Scheiter – Kommunismus und Religion
* Ilan Gur-Ze‘ev – Walter Benjamin and Max Horkheimer: From utopia to redemption
* Walter Benjamin und die Frankfurter Schule

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