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Who killed Walter Benjamin

In September 1940, after seven years of exile, Walter Benjamin crosses the Pyrenees in a desperate attempt to escape the Nazis.

According to the official version, Walter Benjamin did make it across the French-Spanish border successfully. But when he arrived in the Catalan town of Portbou, a sudden change in legislation impeded his entry into Spain and he was obliged to spend the night at a local hotel under the close vigilance of three guards, whose orders were to deport him the following morning.

In utter despair, Benjamin took his own life, swallowing an overdose of morphine. The local doctor, however, declared it a natural death and Benjamin was given a Catholic burial in the municipal cemetery, under a wrong name.
Did the doctor conceal some hidden cause of Benjamin´s death? Was there really a change of legislation? Was Walter Benjamin aware that Portbou was a pro-Franco town virtually occupied by the Nazis?

Who killed Walter Benjamin… reaches for answers among the suspicious circumstances of his death. Giving at the same time, a portrait of a frontier town anchored between two fronts, constant witness of evasion, persecution and false hopes.

Who killed Walter Benjamin… not just a reconstruction of a death but the living portrait of the scene of the crime.

Spanish w/ English subs
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Who killed Walter Benjamin

Flâneur III: Benjamin’s Shadow

In the 1998 film above, Flâneur III: Benjamin’s Shadow, Danish director Torben Skjodt Jensen and writer Urf Peter Hallberg collaborate on an impressionistic black-and-white meditation on Paris, overlaid with Hallberg’s ruminations and quotations from Benjamin. Benjamin’s fascination with nineteenth-century Paris drove his massive, unfinished Arcades Project, an excavation of the inner workings of modernity. Where One Way Street is marked by a very dated 90’s aesthetic (which may look chic now that the decade’s back in fashion), the above film is both classical and modernist, a testament to the beauties and contradictions of Paris. I think in this respect, it is a more fitting tribute to the critical and contradictory aesthetic theory of Walter Benjamin.

Video Flâneur III

The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibility by Walter Benjamin as told to Keith Sanborn (1936/1996)

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An attempt to problematize ownership and authorship in the age of digital reproduction. Inspired by the Walter Benjamin essay of the same name and the activities of the Situationists. If it could be authenticated that it were produced in 1936, this would make it the oldest known digital video work.

Video Keith Sanborn

David Wittenberg – Walter Benjamin zum Gedaechtnis. (Youtube)

Auf die Vorstellung & Diskussion des Films in Frankfurt/Main hatte ich bereits an anderer Stelle hingewiesen.
Bei Youtube gibt es den Film komplett zu sehen:

Teil 1.

Teil 2.

Teil 3.

Teil 4.

Passage, ein Film von Walter Fabian

Passage is a 47 minute movie inspired by Walter Benjamin, as much as the italian neorealism and the situationist international. It’s main part is shot from the same angle more or less in one take.

It is simply about a guy living in berlin somewhere at the beginning of the century. He watches movies and smokes. He is entirely unproductive, anitsocial, almost selfdestructive, but selfconfident, aware and somewhat satisfied.

The camera observes the space he lives in.

Most of the time during the movie he is home and resides in his chair observing the tv.

Let the movie watch you.

Do not trust anything you see or here.


„Die erste, Welt und Kultur erschaffende Tätigkeit ist die Nachahmung, zu der wir alle unabhängig von Herkunft und Bildung fähig oder unfähig sind. Wir ordnen, erklären, verstehen und reden, weil wir Angst haben, daß die Stille uns verschlingen könnte. Und sie wird uns verschlingen.“ Walther Benjamin

„Es geht nicht ums verstehen“ Edna Stein

Ich bin es Paul
Dieses Leben ist nichts, oder es muss alles sein.
Auf dem Balkon ist es ziemlich kühl.
Komm doch rein!
Warum lacht sie jedes Mal ?
Ich verstehe es auch nicht.
Ich würde eher mein Leben verlieren, als es dem Absurden zu unterwerfen.
Ich errichte im Herzen meiner relativen Existenz einen absoluten Bezugspunkt.
Den der Moral.

Ich sage Nein!
Sagt einer, sagen viele, brüllt ein Chor.
Sinn, wie abgefahrn
Macht keinen Sinn eigentlich.
Kein Ding kann Sinn machen oder Sinn geben.
Wenn etwas Sinn macht. Die Sache hat keinen Sinn mehr.
…..fanden den Film nicht gut.
Die Musik klingt geiler, wenn Du hier bist.
Sinn machen. Machen Sinn. Sinn kann man gut zusammen machen.
Man muss immer ständig zusammen bleiben.
Die anderen fanden den Flm nicht gut.
Die Sache hat keinen Sinn mehr.
Kollektives – System.
Damit alle den Sachen denselben Sinn geben.
Kollektives System.